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Her future has connections with love and the sea. Part, (lines 59-83) Hester’s memories of her childhood and youth. Suggestion: Some students may regard Winston as a coward because he betrayed the woman he loved, others may say he was not a coward for trying to transfer the punishment onto Julia but that he simply acted out of self-preservation. The three aims of Roosevelt’s New Deal were in fact ‘relief, recovery, reform’. By repeating the image, he evokes her constant presence in the media. The Ballad of Reading Gaol (1898), originally published under his prison identity, ‘C.3.3’, was his last published work before he died of meningitis in 1900 in a hotel in Paris. The Hatter complains that his watch is two days’ wrong. ‘Smith’, the commonest English surname, suggests his symbolic value; ‘Winston’ evokes Churchill’s patriotic appeals for ‘blood, toil, tears and sweat’ during the Second World War. Realistic objects are described with an abundance of external details, even the most unpleasant and depressing ones. This is an example of the writer’s satire. Tadao Ando created the Benesse House as a hotel and art museum as well as the Chichu Museum a short walk away. They indicate the missing parts in a speech. In both poems the bog is a powerful metaphor of the collective unconscious of the Irish. The world wavered and quivered and threatened to burst into flames.’, Feelings of guilt Lines 51-53: ‘It is I who am blocking the way, he thought. In free verse the traditional metre and rhyme scheme are absent. Performer heritage. Thus the viewer’s experience has become individual rather than communal. Mill thought that happiness was a state of the mind and the spirit, not a mere search for selfish pleasures. Upbringing: He was born into a Catholic family, he was brought up in a rural environment and became aware of the religious and cultural division of Ulster at school. A revival of puritanical attitudes banned the manufacture and sale of alcohol. He tries to look at Kurtz’s photo again while the chief accountant is in another room. Traditionally a Romantic symbol of imagination, it is here reduced to a parody of its dreamy quality. Because he is now walking ‘among the lowest of the dead’ (line 40). Stage directions: Detailed, informative and clear. Benito Mussolini: In 1935 he attacked the African monarchy of Abyssinia and took the first steps towards an alliance with Germany. The third-person narrator is not part of the story but in the minds of the characters like an all-seeing eye or an omniscient presence overlooking the proceedings. There is a complete mixture of people involved in the art project including art students, students about to graduate in history and history teachers, nomads, young people who have run away from home, hackers and those who had in some way felt the need to get away and do something different. The smoke, the dust and ashes recur in the passage as a symbol of death and destruction. From reading the whole text the impression is of both an art project and a peace project. On the one hand, they abuse people like the Joads; on the other hand, they want to exploit their labour as much as possible. Present: ‘She sat at the window’ (line 1); ‘She looked round the room’ (line 17); ‘She tried to weigh each side of the question’ (lines 26-27); ‘she had shelter and food’ (line 27); ‘she had to work hard, both in the house and at business’ (lines 28-29); ‘she sometimes felt herself in danger of her father’s violence’ (lines 38-39); ‘she had nobody to protect her’ (lines 42-43); she gave her entire wages (lines 44-45); her father was bad on Saturday night (line 49); ‘She had hard work … regularly’ (lines 53-55); letters to say goodbye (lines 77-78); she had to escape (line 97); she stood motionless among the crowd on the quayside (line 101); it was impossible for her to escape (lines 116-117); ‘she sent a cry of anguish’ (line 117); she was passive like a helpless animal (line 120). They wore cheap, trashy fabrics and their hair was dyed black or bright yellow, with spikes of orange or green. He loved history and, seeing so much destruction around him, he wanted to do something to rebuild civilisation. The war was an immensely disorienting experience that led to disillusionment in the idea of progress and a sense of widespread disorder that spiritual belief seemed inadequate to manage. The black dogs are the dogs the Gestapo had originally brought to the French village to intimidate its inhabitants. Winston’s main attributes are his rebelliousness and fatalism. Its protagonists, the tramps Vladimir and Estragon, became the emblems of the Absurd. Miss Mary Pereira The midwife who assists Vanita by Dr Bose’s side. Tess agrees to become Alec’s mistress but when Angel returns, she kills Alec and flees with Angel. It is conveyed through posters with captions. Performer Heritage ti guida in un affascinante viaggio attraverso la letteratura inglese. Bush led the USA in its involvement in the Persian Gulf crisis in 1990 after Iraq’s President Saddam Hussein invaded and annexed Kuwait. Mary Turner is a white woman who has spent the first 30 years of her life in town, and eventually decides to marry a farmer, Dick Turner, to achieve social stability. The theme of psychic mind control manifests itself in the Party’s manipulation of the body: Orwell consistently argues that physical pain and the sense of physical danger can override human reason. To mediate between the unquestioned values of the past and the confused present, highlighting the complexity of the unconscious. What were miasmas? Like Daedalus, Stephen wants to be an artist to enjoy creativity and freedom; but if an artist has to escape from the labyrinth of his world, he is destined to be alone, an outcast. Minimalist writers use a neat, clear, dry style accumulating trivial minimal elements to convey disturbing meaning. What images of childhood emerge from this description? Another main theme is himself, his task, as a poet, to respond to the spirit of his country, to give voice to the common man, to reveal the truth, like a prophet, mixing with the crowd and embracing mankind in brotherly love. It shows Queen Victoria Empress of India with her personal attendant. Stevenson and Wolfers found that in Europe, for example, the levels of perceived happiness for men and women over the same period were much the same as those recorded in the USA. Underlined in blue: words belonging to the semantic area of geometry, Underlined in green: words and phrases belonging to the semantic area of regularity and monotony. The Renaissance and the Puritan Age 2.4 The early Stuarts 2.5 The Civil War and the Commonwealth The Puritans and society William Shakespeare, Macbeth – plot, setting, characters, themes, style Macbeth: “A tale told by an idiot” – analysis + vision del film “Macbeth” di J. Kurzel 3. After the attack, the panic-struck soldiers trampled the corpses of their companions during the retreat. The birth of the children and the birth of India as an independent nation. Leopold II, King of the Belgians, regarded the Congo Free State as a personal territorial possession. He stressed the importance of the aggression with which those people who lack some quality they desire express their discontent. Jude the Obscure is anti-Victorian in the choice of themes (the questioning of marriage and the issue of divorce) and represents a departure from Victorianism with its portrayal of weakened vitality and grey despair, in a bleak urban setting characterised by a sense of anxiety and selfdestruction. Conrad’s indictment of the brutal exercise of law on the natives, as well as of the missionary zeal, the administrative efficiency and the search for profit is generalised to all forms of imperialism. It emphasises the flatness of the plane and it does not try to harmonise lines, shapes and colours. Id: the most primitive; contains the inherited components of personality; operates entirely unconsciously; not related to the external world; does not change with time or experience. They are the meeting of Dr Aziz and Mrs Moore at the mosque, the visit to the Marabar Caves and the trial. Ulysses was published in Paris in 1922. A third-person omniscient narrator is used, and Winston’s point of view is adopted. 1870 The Education Act started a national system by introducing ‘board schools’, mainly in the poorer areas of the towns. Con e-book. He used his whole body energetically in the act of painting. It is discovered that Oliver has noble origins. The early television programmes were, in accordance with the BBC’s general aims, a mixture of information, education and entertainment. It is considered one of the great literary achievements of the 20th century. The assassination of the US President Kennedy, the Vietnam War and the Civil Rights Movement had a great impact on the mood of American culture (and later on the British one as well), and music started to reflect that change. The whole paragraph is full of nostalgia. In this exchange the girl learns that Mrs Warren chose prostitution as a trade because it offered more security and better conditions than any others which were open to her as an uneducated working-class girl. Steinbeck shows vividly how the California First paragraph. 3.Shaw is not only attacking the pitiful and degrading level of women’s wages which forces them to consider prostitution, but he is also making a direct comparison between prostitution and its respectable counterpart in marriage equating them with a similar economic dependence of women on men. Henry VII (1485-1509) • Came to the English throne when the Wars of the Roses ended. Lines 85-92: what the sound of the organ reminds her of; It reminds her of the promise she made to her dying mother during her last night and how her father had paid a street organ player to move off, cursing all foreigners. Thoughts about the past: lines 8-11, 34-42, 53. They embody the belief that human nature can be measured, quantified and governed entirely by reason, and that children should be taught through facts without compassion and imagination. He is not always able to distinguish between his personal response and external reality. He is writing when he hears someone under his window. Because he thought that it offered him the ideal expression for his complex vision of life. As a whole Steinbeck describes his characters from the outside, so that he creates types rather than individuals. What features of the creature really disturb Frankenstein? Further plays: Beckett’s further plays develop the character of the naked, helpless, static being. Describe Jane’s personality. What happens on the stage transcends, and often contradicts, the words spoken by the characters; pauses, silences, miming and farcical situations are also common. After the landing of the Allies in Normandy, the Germans retreated; the dogs were left behind and they ran wild, becoming a menace for the area. The only way to halt the passage of time was art. Yes, he could leave his ideals of ‘getting the war over’. What is the role of negative forms? It is set in a workingclass environment in Nottinghamshire. By juxtaposing private experiences with public events, Rushdie gives the reader an insight into a fundamental moment in India’s history. It belongs to the genre of Bildungsroman, or novel of education, which involves a young man, Stephen Dedalus, a young Irish writer, in search of experience and success. Decide which paragraphs make up the following parts of the story-pattern. All the men at the table are surprised at the sight of the master. Lord Henry comments that such beauty can only be without intellect, so we suspect someone naive. Moreover, his lack of education makes it difficult for him to express his feelings, and the hard, disciplined nature of his work leads him to domestic violence which drives the children deeper into their mother’s arms. The presence of the colonisers is compared to a mystery, a terrible voice, an outrageous law coming from the sea; it is presented as a new force, a great and right cause. what the roots of the movement were in England; It was imported there by the American painter James McNeill Whistler, but its roots can be traced back to the Romantic poet John Keats, the Pre-Raphaelite Dante Gabriel Rossetti and the art critic John Ruskin. The British writer Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote a book, The Crime of the Congo (1909), about the Belgian atrocities in the Congo basin. The boat broke down, and this caused a delay that affected Kurtz’s confidence (lines 21-22). Enfranchised part of the urban male working class in England and Wales. Constant increase of white population in the North due to immigration 4 million black slaves in the South ->. It mirrored a society linked to a growing crisis in the moral and religious fields. He became popular as a novelist in the 1880s, when he published Treasure Island (1883), The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (1886), Kidnapped (1886) and The Master of Ballantrae (1889). F He had an agreement with his Chancellor of the Exchequer, Gordon Brown, that he would resign at least a year before another election. Power and lack of humanity characterise the world of the adults. The Wall Street Crash marked the beginning of a worldwide economic crisis known as the Great Depression. The Andy Warhol Museum, the largest single-artist museum in the United States, opened in Pittsburgh in 1994. She is in heaven but she feels unhappy and cries, so the angels fling her back to the earth, on top of Wuthering Heights, where she wakes up sobbing for joy. Hardy was not a total pessimist, however. At Dickens’s time it was well known that the poor lived on weak tea (which was cheap, while coffee was expensive) and bread with little or no protein, certainly not butter or good meat. Gatsby is presented as a mysterious character, since he seldom takes part in the parties he organises. Epiphany. Highlighted in pink: the central metaphor of the poem is that of a soft songbird standing for hope, Highlighted in yellow: the human soul is the place where hope is, Underlined in blue: other metaphors: the ‘storm’ stands for the difficulties and the chaos that sometimes affect life; the ‘chillest land’ stands for hardship or suffering; the ‘sea’ is a metaphor for life; a ‘crumb’ is an everyday detail which represents friendship and love, Personal: ‘perches in the soul’ (line 2); tireless: ‘And never stops - at all’ (line 4); resilient: ‘in the chillest land’ (line 9); fearless: ‘on the strangest Sea’ (line 10); heroically strong: ‘never, in Extremity - / It asked a crumb’ (lines 11-12). Readings: They included almost everything, from fiction to philosophy. Some of Hardy’s characters, especially Tess, have the same life urge which is found in natural creatures, and their life is set against the seasonal background to counterpoint the main events and phases of experience. Factories, discharging waste material, polluted rivers and the sea and oil tankers were responsible for the appearance of ugly oil slicks on beaches; chemical fertilisers and insecticides upset the balance of nature in the countryside; noise from aircraft and traffic made life unbearable at times. In the 20th century it became a common characteristic of the socalled psychological novels, like the Austrian Arthur Schnitzler’s story of pre-war Vienna Leutnant Gustl (1901) or the American William Faulkner’s masterpiece, The Sound and the Fury (1929), where events are seen through the three minds of the Compson family. The Martians: Themes: Familiar earthly sights. Vivie Warren has received an excellent education paid for by her mother. Because she was offering the poet an image that could become an emblem and also achieve a kind of poetic beauty. Yet, light breaks the darkness four times in the last part, revealing something important. Because Gabriel’s thoughts begin to wander from past to present and future. Picture 3: The car is another symbolic image in the novel, which stands for the destructive power of modern society and money. Dorian stabs the painter with a shard of the broken glass. Nationalisation was extended to hospitals, gas, electricity, steel, coal mines, railways and the Bank of England. ‘as air’ (line 50) underlines the inconsistence of the human shapes. They laid emphasis on the society around them. India was economically important as a market for British goods and strategically necessary to British control of Asia from the Persian Gulf to Shanghai. Both men also serve to remind the other man of his very existence. Eleven four-line stanzas; the length of lines and words is not regular, even though most lines and words are short; the rhyme scheme is not regular, free verse is used; students should notice the use of run-on lines, and of commas, colons and full stops at the end of several lines/stanzas. Heath: Denotation: An area of open land where rough grass and heather grow, but where there are few trees and bushes. The clash of science and mysticism, rationality and magic; the existence of evil; the moral limits of political reform and religious belief; the excesses of violence and the redeeming power of love. Tess performs the ceremony of her baby’s baptism herself and calls him Sorrow. She had harsh experiences during her youth and she refused to work as a shop girl, barmaid and waitress. He has a house in Buenos Aires. Part 2(lines 20-91) The demonstrator manages to escape, and a group of neo-Nazis gathers round Bernard; Jeremy helps him fight the skinheads; a young woman verbally insults the boys forcing them to give up their assault. Did you know? Choose from among the following. It seems that while the destruction of the Wall is meant to mark the end of racial hatred and the triumph of reason and humanity, it has merely signalled the end of one period of oppression under the Cold War to be replaced by another under democracy. It was only on 31st August 1994 that Sinn Féin, the IRA’s political wing, announced a ceasefire. The reader shares Winston’s point of view. the hippies; The gentle, anti-aggression hippies were devoted to the achievement of new levels of consciousness rather than to material success. "’, becoming aware of Passini’s terrible pain next to him. Which authors have conveyed the paradox of history in their writing? He was one of a group of dramatists who developed the so-called ‘Theatre of the Absurd’. D, Don’t you see that this must be destroyed? The pioneer of the so-called ‘hardboiled’ detective fiction was Dashiell Hammett, who introduced more cynical characters and a more complicated plot. Moreover, Victorian writers themselves often belonged to the middle class. ‘Life is a drink’ Water is an essential part of life and in this song the girlfriend is the person who ‘gives life’ to the singer. The independent Parliament set up in Dublin by Sinn Féin after their victory at the 1918 election in Ireland. Themes: Irishness; the beauty and eternity of art; age; death; the heroic individual; history. The theme of identity is linked to that of growing up. Highlighted in yellow: description of the beadle, Highlighted in pink: description of Hester. The passage from the real world of the battlefield to a nightmarish, hallucinatory, hellish world. 1918 September Attack of British artillery on the German Hindenburg Line. Alienation Line 41: ‘The world has raised its whip, where will it descend?’, Panic Lines 48-51: ‘Septimus thought, and this gradual drawing together of everything to one centre before his eyes, as if some horror had come almost to the surface and was about to burst into flames, terrified him. ‘Prohibition’ was introduced to fight alcohol addiction among the poor but in reality it encouraged the illegal traffic of ‘bootleggers’ and increased the phenomenon of gangsterism. Lucy looks as if she admired her brother’s courage. It was immediately followed by The Pickwick Papers, which revealed Dickens’s humoristic and satirical qualities. The poem starts with the image of a falcon wheeling about in the sky, far away from the falconer who released it. Dickens makes fun of the most distinguishing features of the characters by exaggerating a particular element or using absurd analogies. strike In 1984 the British miners protested against the proposed closures of many pits. Performer Heritage vol 2. The scene takes place during the day because the sun is up in the sky and the sunlight is dazzling. The buildings were hit by American passenger planes hijacked by Al-Qaeda terrorists. He represented the monstrous, illogical aspects of life and described the double nature of Victorian society. themes: the English countryside as an idyllic place, style: still influenced by the Victorian Romantic tradition; used the convention of diction, style: experimentalism which emerged in the choice of violent, everyday language, aim: to deal with war in an unconventional, anti-rhetorical way, themes: any subject matter; the poet’s response to a scene or object, style: usually short poems; hard, clear and precise images; free verse, aim: to achieve precision, discipline, ‘dry hardness’, ‘the exact curve of the thing’; no moral comment, themes: the escape from emotion as well as from personality; the collapse and fragmentation of civilisation, style: indirect statements; use of allusive language and images; importance given to the sound of words; quotations from other literatures; free verse, aim: to evoke rather than to state; to create rich patterns of meaning that were not made easy for the superficial reader, themes: the social and political aspects of human life, style: turned away from the Symbolists’ complexity and allusiveness; slang and jazz rhythms; images drawn from the world of technology, aim: to communicate with their fellow men and encourage them to follow certain morally right courses of action, themes: individual themes such as love, birth, death and even sex, aim: to react against the intellectualism and commitment of the 1930s. Lots of silences and pauses are interspersed with the characters’ utterances. Moor House is ‘out on the moors’, in the wilderness, the place where Jane tries to give a sense to her life again; it is the place of temporary banishment. The aspects of April singled out as being cruel are: ‘breeding / Lilacs’ (lines 1-2), since existence is painful, so generating new life is cruel; ‘mixing / Memory and desire’ (lines 2-3), since any act of remembrance and consciousness is seen as painful, a longing for what men no longer have; ‘stirring / Dull roots with spring rain’ (lines 3-4), since bringing life to ‘dead’ things is considered negative. It holds them in constant dialogue, thanks to the interaction of binary oppositions, until culture finally tames nature in the children of the second generation.

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