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(PROSE: A Brief History of Time Lords), Searching for a place to gather his thoughts on the outcome of the Time War, the Doctor went to Galen. He and Jack were arrested for impersonating the "real" Doctor, while Rose snuck off and discovered the other Doctor to be Slist Fayflut Marteveerthon Slitheen wearing a skin suit based off the Doctor from Fluren's World. (TV: The Ultimate Foe), During a premature encounter with Jack Harkness, the Sixth Doctor learnt that one of his future incarnations would meet and travel with Jack until abandoning him. A submission from "j q public" had sighted "someone who looked like him" arguing with "a little man with an umbrella" on a university campus. The man Gerard identified as the Doctor said "... well not to worry! The Eighth Doctor regenerated into an individual who would logically have been called the Ninth Doctor after he broke his bones falling back into the Doctor's TARDIS from the eyrie on which he had activated the Moment, destroying the Time Lords and ending the Last Great Time War. The Doctor was reluctant to take part in events, but when Churchill was captured and refused to surrender, the Doctor had no choice but to intervene, stopping the RATS and saving the Prime Minister. (AUDIO: Night of the Whisper), Travelling to the Battle of Minatogawa, the Doctor, Rose and Jack found a Volsci ship. (PROSE: The Beast of Babylon), The Ninth Doctor displayed a huge sense of authority against his enemies, willing to let them die when he felt it justified their actions, claiming that everything had its time and that everything eventually ended, (TV: The End of the World, World War Three, Boom Town) but was willing to use diplomacy. (PROSE: The Tomorrow Windows), Shortly after the regeneration, the Doctor smashed every mirror in the TARDIS, vowing to never look at what face he was wearing, as he thought about how many children he would need to save to make up for the ones he killed by destroying Gallifrey, (PROSE: The Day of the Doctor) while also vowing to earn back the name of "the Doctor" by making reparations for his wartime actions. Cazkelf used the psychic energy of the visitors to send a distress signal to his people so he could return home, but the Doctor freed Rose and set up a feedback loop, returning the stolen psychic energy to its owners. A submission from Julie B said that there was a statue in "the Egyptian museum" that bore a striking resemblance to the Doctor and that it was made in 2500 BC. Leaving Jackie in the shield that would soon reject him, the Doctor attempted to return to the imploding TARDIS to collapse its containment field and allow the Eye of Harmony to rupture, destroying the Cyberman occupied Earth with it. (TV: The Parting of the Ways), He had large ears, which he was initially shocked at when looking at his reflection, (TV: Rose) and that he felt did not suit him, but determined that "we work with what we have." (TV: The Name of the Doctor), In 1944, the Doctor took Churchill on a trip to ancient Rome, where they encountered a creature disguised as one of Emperor Tiberius' reclining benches. (PROSE: The Deviant Strain), The Doctor intended to take Rose and Jack to the planet Kegron Pluva, but instead arrived in 2005 Bromley to investigate a time distortion, where he encountered Das, a Neanderthal who was transported from 29,185 BC to 2005 by a rip engine; a crude method of time travel that prevented anyone who used it from travelling in time again. From £9.99 Quantity Add . The Doctor used the world-shaper to broadcast Taggani's true identity on the side of the planet, before transmatting himself, Rose, and Jack back down to the surface. A complete story in this volume! (TV: Mawdryn Undead), After losing his body to the Time Lords, the Master made a failed attempt to steal a regeneration from the Fifth Doctor. (PROSE: The Knight, The Fool and The Dead), Whilst travelling with the Vampires, the Doctor visited Parvanna, one of the least hospitable planets in the Dark Times, accompanied by Ikalla. (GAME: The Eternity Clock) Ironically, before his regeneration, his previous incarnation hoped that his successor's ears would be less conspicuous. (TV: The End of the World, The Long Game, Bad Wolf), He would also grin when happy, (TV: Rose, The End of the World, Aliens of London, The Doctor Dances, The Parting of the Ways) meeting someone he admired, (TV: The Unquiet Dead) having guns pointed in his face, (TV: Aliens of London) or when he found something funny. In the summer of 1962, Richard had been working at a psychiatric institution when the Doctor was admitted inside. Marcus claimed that the man would have to have been in his 70s "now". (TV: World War Three) After they barely avoided the Twelfth Doctor, (COMIC: A Stitch in Time) Harriet led the Doctor and Rose to the Cabinet Room, and the Doctor shut them behind a steel barrier, saving them from the Slitheen, but also trapping them inside. He convinced Drogann to use the attack, which had killed the Three Sisters, to gain freedom. (TV: The Empty Child) The Doctor also understood Nanogenes and how they could heal any physical injuries, and even revive the dead, so long as they had been previously exposed to the patient's species. A submission from Peter D claimed that Peter spotted the Doctor during the "Royal Wedding". (TV: The Doctor Dances), Even during his limited travels with Adam Mitchell, the Doctor admitted to him that he was a "tiny bit fantastic" after he helped the Doctor defeat the Bygone Horde, (AUDIO: The Other Side) and accepted him as a true companion when he sacrificed his life to defeat the Master's plan to end the universe, (COMIC: Endgame) despite previously kicking him out of the TARDIS for attempting to send information from 200,000 to his 2012 answering machine. Teaming up with Adriana Jarsdel to find out why the people on the planet were made to want to kill, he found that it was being caused by a rift in interstitial space by the Time Lords during the Time War to protect them from the Compassionate. Returning Phil home, the Doctor explained that Shogalath was, in fact, the leader of a peaceful revolt against the Imperium. To stop the Slitheen instigating a war, the Doctor contacted Mickey, and had him launch the Harpoon missile, UGM-84A, at Downing Street from the HMS Taurean. For Adam's first real trip, the Doctor took his two companions to the Fourth Great and Bountiful Human Empire to see the human race at its zenith. The Ninth Doctor One-season-wonder, the Ninth Doctor was portrayed by Christopher Eccleston when NewWho first came out in 2005 and made a splash as the crazy, zany, fun and PTSD-suffering Time Lord. you will see" [sic]. Since, Eccleston had vowed never to return to the science fiction series, even declining to portray the character in the fiftieth anniversary special "The Day of the Doctor" due to his feelings that the story "didn't do the character any justice" and felt the BBC still owed him an apology. Charlie said that the best man's signature on his marriage certificate was "Doctor John Smith".[2]. (PROSE: Winner Takes All), One night, the Doctor told Rose the story of the Tailor’s son and Death. He was then saved by Jack and the Unon Grand High Seer, Evja, from an attack from behind, but could not stop the engine's meltdown, or Marleth and Arnora from killing each other. During the chaos, Rose was partially cyber-converted and killed Jack. Arriving back on Earth, the Ninth Doctor agreed to take Jenny back home and return his eighth, tenth, and eleventh incarnations and their companions back to their respective TARDISes. Doctor Who - The Ninth Doctor Adventures - Ranges - Big Finish Doctor Who - The Ninth Doctor Adventures Christopher Eccleston returns to the role of the Ninth Doctor in 12 brand new adventures, available on CD, download and limited edition gatefold triple LP vinyl. (TV: The Doctor Dances). A submission from Charlie Pocket stated that during his Las Vegas wedding in 1992, he was in a hurry to find a best man and a witness, so he "grabbed the first couple who passed by". When he realised that Henry van Statten's prized Metaltron was a Dalek, and that its weaponry was powerless, the Doctor proceeded to mock it, ranting about its worthlessness and pridefully boasted at having personally ensured the Daleks' demise at the end of the Last Great Time War. As he dropped her off home, Ali persuaded the Doctor to return to Rose Tyler and get her to join him. trevor said that he "kept talking" about Halley's Comet and gave everyone orange fruit gums. (PROSE: The Tomorrow Windows), A less flamboyant incarnation, the Ninth Doctor opted for a more stripped-down and rugged attire. (AUDIO: Piece of Mind), When Ace was sent into the Seventh Doctor's mind, she discovered a room with thirteen cubicles, seven of them empty, while the other six contained shadowy white figures, representing the Doctor's future incarnations. The Doctor recognised Glom's weapons as being from Gallifrey and flipped Glom's table in anger. We don’t know about the war between the Daleks and the Time Lords, when the regeneration between the Eighth Doctor and the Ninth happened, or whether there was another, extra Doctor in the middle somewhere, doing stuff that the subsequent Doctors are too appalled to discuss. He helped expose William Spence’s attempt to sabotage their shipping business with alien technology and then departed, stealing their tickets for the Titanic to save them from its doomed voyage. The big Doctor Who news of the moment is something that would have seemed impossible just a few years ago, with Christopher Eccleston – who played the Ninth Doctor on … (COMIC: Doctormania) However, he struggled to break free from an Auton's grip, only flipping it off with Rose's help (TV: Rose) and was restrained by two of the Editor's workers. (COMIC: The Transformed), When it came to decision making, the Ninth Doctor would do so in the heat of the moment, focusing more on emotion rather than logic, such as confronting the Nestene Consciousness with anti-plastic on his person, (TV: Rose) throwing himself in front of the Reapers as the "oldest thing in the room", (TV: Father's Day) and offering his Time Lord mind for sale on Fluren's World. The Doctor repaired the ship and he and Rose returned to the TARDIS on Earth. (COMIC: The Lost Dimension), During one adventure, the Doctor, Jack and Rose ate Kronkburgers together. I sort of knew that he wouldn't. (PROSE: The Red Bicycle) The Doctor and Rose then watched Elizabeth II's coronation on 2 June 1953, with the Doctor commenting that the occasion was "fantastic." (TV: Dalek), He was also skilled at video games, (PROSE: Winner Takes All) knew how to handle explosives, (TV: Rose, The Doctor Dances) and could be a capable swordsman when the situation called for it. Disabling the signal, the Doctor and Jack were horrified to find two hundred Dalek battleships. While Adam begged for another chance, the Doctor was unsympathetic to his plight. After telling the soldiers present that they had orders to be there, they discovered a missing girl who had aged considerably. Taking the girl and a similarly aged body to the nearby research institute, the Doctor asked Rose to investigate the local village while he and Catherine Kornilova, a student at the research institute, studied samples of the standing stones the body was found in. After the stitching under the arms began to rip and a sleeve was damaged by a shard of glass, the Doctor left his jacket with Edward Repple and replaced it with an identical one. Nine's tenure also saw his social manners worsen as time went on, with many … They sent the Gallifreyan ship out to distract the Gallifreyan forces and withdrew in the coffinship, with the Doctor giving Drogann a synth-blood which enabled all the Vampire slaves aboard to break their addictions and rebel against their masters. (TV: Boom Town), Like his other incarnations, the Doctor had his TARDIS key with him at all times, but also carried a spare placed on a chain with a D-shackle. The Doctor discovered an alien spaceship was trapped between real space and the Time Vortex, and investigating further led him and Rose to the house of Lord Farthingale in 1920. As well as this, he saw a blue box behind the stands. As Tara and Rose discussed their dubious victory, the Doctor piloted their shuttle in silence. (COMIC: Four Doctors), While in 1924 London, the Doctor wore a dark brown round neck shirt under his jacket, with a pair of faded slacks, and battered shoes. He grinned at him and said, "keep on going. £3.49 Quantity Add . (AUDIO: Retail Therapy) The Doctor once suggested that he bought his clothes from a Gap in Croydon. While attempting to return Phil to Earth, the Doctor was told he was a reincarnation of Shogalath, whom the Vandosians claimed was a monster for toppling the Vandos Imperium. The Ninth Doctor is one of four incarnations whose main attire does not include any form of neckwear, alongside the Fifth, Twelfth, and Thirteenth Doctors. (TV: Twice Upon a Time), When the Third Doctor met Jackie Tyler while answering a distress call in 2006, he learnt that one of his future incarnations would meet and travel with a girl named Rose Tyler, and would also regenerate whilst in her company. "Morbius" • "Muldwych" • "Relic"The Curator • "Fugitive" • Timeless Child The Doctor took Cazkelf to his homeworld, which had been devastated by a disaster. (TV: Father's Day), The Ninth Doctor had a habit of folding his arms and frowning when lecturing or listening intently, (TV: Rose, The Long Game, Father's Day, Boom Town) though he also did it casually. (PROSE: The Christmas Inversion), Mawdryn attempted to force the Fifth Doctor to use up his eight remaining regenerations to end his follower's cycle of perpetual rebirth, but this was rendered unnecessary when Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart made physical contact with his younger self and a discharge of temporal energy was released that allowed Mawdryn and his followers to die. Pretending to be management on the news broadcaster, Satellite Five, the Doctor and his companions found the Empire had been manipulated into remaining secluded from the wider universe. (COMIC: Doctormania), Rose Tyler's first impression of the Doctor was that he looked "hard as nails" due to his "brutal" buzzcut, weathered clothing and apparent fitness. (TV: The End of the World). The Doctor was able to placate the Causbus by giving them a time ribbon filled with his temporal energy, and then used the TARDIS to "plug" the time puncture. His Social Manners. He had tried swapping "Edwardian gear" [sic] at an Oxfam in Sheffield for a pair of jeans and trainers. Despite this, he remained jovial and friendly towards anyone he took a liking to, slowly reasserting himself as "the Doctor" again, while burying the memories of his war incarnation away in his mind. The Ninth Doctor was the first never to face another, In 2020, when asked which part of the Ninth Doctor's life was witnessed by the. In Sneed's morgue, the Doctor had Gwyneth try and pull the Gelth through the Rift using her psychic connection to it. (PROSE: A Big Hand for the Doctor), The First Doctor was told of a time he would become the last of his species, (AUDIO: Falling) and was later shown footage of the Ninth Doctor, as well as his ten other successors, by the Testimony when he expressed doubt over the Twelfth Doctor's identity. The Doctor and Rose climbed to the top of the Post Office Tower to stop Igrix using his spaceship to fire at the Moon. 10. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. (COMIC: Death to the Doctor!). While escaping, Phil saved the Doctor and Rose from the Bailiffs and made it to the TARDIS. The Ninth is also the first Doctor whose main attire excludes collared shirts as well, opting instead for long sleeve V-neck jumpers exclusively. (COMIC: Tales of the Dark Times), The Doctor went in search of the Time Lord Victorious with the Eighth Doctor, travelling to the planet Hoolan. (TV: Bad Wolf) However, when dared by the Dalek Emperor, the Doctor struggled with the decision to either destroy the Daleks and the Earth with a Delta wave or simply allow the Daleks to kill him and take over the universe. (TV: Rose, Father's Day) Truly, while the Doctor showed the ability to move past the deaths of those around him in the heat of the moment, (TV: Dalek) he remembered the lives lost and even took time to console the Forest of Cheem for the loss of Jabe's life. Ninth Doctor. The Doctor took Rose and Jack to the Eye of Orion, but found a giant ziggurat and the Hanging Gardens of Slarvia, which had been destroyed centuries before. (COMIC: The Fountains of Forever), During many failed attempts to duplicate the Tenth Doctor, defective copies of all his past incarnations, including the Ninth Doctor, were created instead. (PROSE: Only Human), According to one account, the Doctor, travelling with Jack, met Rose during an Auton invasion on Earth. The Doctor was restored to life when Pete let himself get hit by the car, and Rose managed to be there for her father when he passed. The action proved strenuous though, causing the Doctor to cry out in pain after resisting it for several minutes. Before going off in the TARDIS, the Doctor said goodbye to Dickens, telling him that his work would be remembered forever, which made Dickens a happier person. The Doctor was then forced to wait for twenty-eight years after being displaced to 1894 to catch up with Rose, who was herself sent to 1922. The strain destroyed his every cell and as Rose watched, his body exploded with raging energy…. (TV: The Parting of the Ways; PROSE: The Hungry Night), The Ninth Doctor was not keen to encounter his other selves, being apprehensive to speak to Dr. Constantine when he was lead to believe he was another incarnation. The new issue of the Doctor Who Magazine #566 includes the Ninth Doctor comic book story, Monstrous Beauty, by Scott Gray and John Ross, … (TV: The Doctor Dances), The Doctor could recognise substances such as ozone from smell alone, associating it with the "distinctive tingle" of teleportation, as well as tell it apart from chronon energy, (PROSE: Winner Takes All, The Red Bicycle; COMIC: The Bidding War) was able to tell that the Lend-a-Hand girls didn't "smell human", (COMIC: The Love Invasion) and was able to easily track Nancy without her detection, jokingly claiming his nose had "special powers". After Rose defeated the Daleks using the power of the time vortex, the Doctor saved her by transferring that dangerous power into his own body. However, after Pete accidentally made Rose hold her infant self, the Doctor sacrificed himself to the Reaper brought by the paradox and the creature was zapped by the key, killing it, but also interrupting the TARDIS' return. He said that the man would "turn up, take out his spoons and play along with the band". Impressed by Adam's assistance in thwarting the Bygone Horde, the Doctor decided to take him on as a companion, setting a course for the far future. According to Steven, he was muttering "They're all gone, I'm the only one left", alluding to the Doctor's involvement in the Last Great Time War. The Other • The Watcher • The ValeyardMeta-Crisis • More… Emerging from the Last Great Time War as whom he believed was its sole survivor, the Ninth Doctor spent much of his life grieving over the immense suffering he had witnessed and the destruction he had caused with his actions. (COMIC: The Lost Dimension) The Eleventh Doctor playfully teased him about his ears, (AUDIO: Night of the Whisper) and their size was noted by River Song as well. Now cut off from the Time Lord race, the Doctor found himself alone and bereaved. (TV: Bad Wolf) He often gave speeches about things, (TV: Rose, The End of the World) or lectured those he wished to scold. The Doctor then received a phone call from Mickey Smith in 2016. (COMIC: The Lost Dimension), The Tenth Doctor held a somewhat low opinion of his immediate predecessor, considering him to be violent due to being "born in battle". (TV: Rose; PROSE: The Beast of Babylon), The Doctor saved the other sightseers from Lady Cassandra O'Brien.Δ17's plot to burn them alive for insurance money, at the cost of Jabe's life. (PROSE: Little Rose Riding Hood), The Doctor arrived at a circus in post-Civil War Nebraska and, learning of a mysterious figure that followed the circus and led to people's disappearances, he resolved to gather more information. With the family the last humans left of the devastated colony, the Doctor guided them home in their spaceship, and he also inspired their son, Andy, to become a space traveller. (TV: The Empty Child) Jack teleported the Doctor and Rose to his ship, and they went to the bomb site near the hospital, where they realised the truth; Nanogenes in the ambulance had reanimated a dead boy and, due to their unfamiliarly with humans, had spread the Empty Child virus. (PROSE: The Velvet Dark), The Fifth Doctor was told by Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart that he had worked with eight other incarnations of the Doctor by 1999, including four of his future incarnations. Rose was snatched by a giant bat however, so the Doctor assisted Gallifreyan forces in neutralising the Cucurbites. When the Doctor came to discuss the crisis, Rose was left in the care of MP Harriet Jones and the assembled alien experts in the room were electrocuted by the Slitheens. The entity tormented Rose with a nightmare of the Doctor coming back too late in Rose's life for her to be a companion and then sending it spiralling into ruins to spite her. (COMIC: The Lost Dimension), He liked "unsurprising" surprises. (COMIC: Art Attack), The Doctor took Rose on a cruise on 22nd century Mars, where the two were stowaways on the cruise ship holding a private wedding party of 143-year-old plutocrat Alvar Chambers. If you look at Chris's career, this is not what he does. The Ninth Doctor: 2005. (TV: The Name of the Doctor), After saving Gallifrey from the Moment after the Last Great Time War, the Eleventh Doctor dreamed of himself standing with all his past incarnations, including the Ninth Doctor, as he thought about his search for Gallifrey. He was still capable of great cruelty and anger though, killing Cassandra and torturing a lone Dalek into submission. The Doctor did this by spraying the human virus at his biotech ship. (PROSE: What I Did on My Christmas Holidays by Sally Sparrow), The Doctor delivered letters from his fifth incarnation to Clarrie and his former companions Peri Brown and Erimem at the Kingmaker inn in 1483, (AUDIO: The Kingmaker) tended to Honoré Lechasseur's injuries after a bunker exploded in 1951, (PROSE: The Albino's Dancer) and took Alexander Pope and Theobald to see William Shakespeare's Cardenio. The Doctor agreed to co-operate with the Unon in return for his TARDIS being retrieved. The First Doctor would occasionally have premonitions of his future incarnations. What puzzled Terrance was that in these photographs, he saw another photograph of "apparently the same man", with a bandaged arm, but this time wearing a Confederate colonel's uniform. (PROSE: The Monsters Inside). Richard said that the Doctor kept "frantically" looking at one of the exits and that soon after, Fish "mysteriously left the band". (AUDIO: R&J), After he remained unmerciful towards her, Blon tried to tear the TARDIS and the Earth apart by making the extrapolator lock onto an alien power source that was refuelling on the rift, using the extrapolator as an interstellar surfboard to escape the Earth. Appearing to be in pain from the process, he briefly warned Dorothy Bell against struggling with the age-regression gun before the effects wore off and the Tenth Doctor re-emerged. Jack stopped the bomb from hitting the bombsite by placing it in stasis inside his warship and when everyone got to safety, the Doctor destroyed the ambulance, making sure that history said that a bomb hit that location. Rose then snuck it into young Jackie's room amongst her other albums. Adam, suffering from severe culture shock, was left on his own. Meeting up with Rose and Jack, they went to an abandoned ship which had crashed and had been tampered with to collect energy from humans rather than wind and solar.

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