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Caterina Boratto was an Italian actress, icon of some of the most outstanding directors, such as Fellini and Pasolini. Caterina Boratto David Maumsell: Music by: Nino Rota: Cinematography: Pasquale de Santis: Edited by: Ruggero Mastroianni: Release date. Federico Fellini’s Cinema ... Claudia Cardinale (Claudia), Rossella Falk (Rossella), Edra Gale (La Seraghina), Caterina Boratto (Beautiful Unknown Woman) Giulietta degli spiriti (Juliet of the Spirits) (1965) Script: Federico Fellini, Tullio Pinelli, Ennio Flaiano, Brunello Rondi She appeared in 50 films between 1936 and 1993. Cast: Giulietta Masina Mario Pisu Sandra Milo Valentina Cortese Caterina Boratto Sylva Koscina Lou Gilbert Valeska Gert. PRESENTAZIONE DEI LIBRI “Caterina Boratto.Una regalità completa” a cura di Paolo Ceratto e Franco Prono, Daniela Piazza Editore “Fellini 8 1/2, la genesi del film”, di Paolo Grassini, Edizioni ETS, Pisa Intervengono gli autori Picture 8/10. One of the greatest films about film ever made, Federico Fellini’s 8½ marks the moment when the director’s always-personal approach to filmmaking fully embraced self-reflexivity, pioneering a stream-of-consciousness style that darts exuberantly among flashbacks, dream sequences, and carnivalesque reality, and turning one man’s artistic crisis into a grand epic of the cinema. 11 April 1969: Running time. One of the most terrifying images of the uncanny I can recall comes, however, from Fellini’s Juliet of the Spirits, in the shape Giulietta’s mother, played by the statuesque Caterina Boratto. ... Paolo Ceratto, author and son of Caterina Boratto, actress in three Fellini … A cameo by Fanny Ardant comes straight from Anna Magnani’s brief moment in “Fellini’s Roma,” informed by the heady perfume of that underrated muse Caterina Boratto. The IHCC-NY Features Federico Fellini on the 100th Anniversary of His Birth The Italian Heritage and Culture Committee of New York will present a series of online discussions about Fellini and his films. Federico Fellini, Tullio Pinelli, Brunello Rondi, Enio Flaiano. Caterina Boratto (15 March 1915 – 14 September 2010) was an Italian film actress. Despite her intense and thrilling career, she was first and foremost a wife, a mother and a grandmother. She enclosed in her image and manners the archetype of beauty. Disc three of Criterion’s box set Essential Fellini features I vitelloni, presenting the film in the aspect ratio of 1.33:1 on a dual-layer disc.The 1080p/24hz high-definition encode is sourced from a newer 4K restoration, which was scanned from multiple film sources: a 35mm fine-grain master positive, a 35mm positive print, and a 35mm preservation negative. Fellini then says to her “But I detect a gleam of cruelty in your eyes -- I think, Caterina that you could be a woman of great ferocity and terrifying sadism.” He then cuts to an ancient, bloody Roman fight, and Boratto plays a wealthy Roman who decides the death of one of the men.

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