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K9 (or one of them, anyway) sabotages the control unit which short circuits and electrifies Dalek Ahn. The Sixth Doctor ambles back to the TARDIS, wondering about the Time Dalek but figuring with death at his heels that it is now a mystery for someone else. With it, the Ninth Doctor, Drax and K9 have been looking ahead and intervening around the timelines to set things back on course. for help and they have gotten fed up with her. Looking for something a little more casual? bowels of the cyberlab in the complex under the warehouse. With falsified memories, the history teacher John Smith was, for all intents and purposes, not the Doctor at all but a completely new man with a life of his own. first to depart. The Second and Seventh Doctors have set the TARDIS to track the companions via the other TARDIS’ time track. Team 1, made up of companions Turlough, Jo, Zoe and Susan, stop when they notice that Romana is not behind them. The First and Ninth Doctors, along with all the companions, arrive on Gallifrey in Drax's TARDIS. Doctor Who 10 … The First Doctor is angered by what he percieved as a pointless risk for the The Eighth Doctor climbs up to a cave in a mountian, but gets attacked by an old woman who he recognises as Leela, accompanied by K9 Mark I. The Valeyard explains to the Doctor that he has been manipulating the Daleks in a grand scheme to unite them and control them into one mighty force and use them to take over the universe, beginning with a Time War that will wipe out the Time Lords once and for all. Evidently, the present day events take place just prior to the, Ace previously met Doctors other than the Seventh in, Jo previously met Doctors other than the Third in, Tegan notes that she, along with the Fifth Doctor and Turlough, have just left the "party" of, Coincidentally, the Tenth Doctor's appreciation for the Fifth Doctor matches that later seen in, The First Doctor initially fails to recognise the Police Box-shaped TARDISes of his successors as his own, indicating that this is before his, As the First Doctor has yet to stop in 1960s' England, the Fourth Doctor reasons that he still has the, Sarah Jane and Harry recall their encounter with the Cybermen. They just don't realize it's their #1 enemy giving those orders. The Tenth Doctor expresses his appreciation for his Fourth incarnation. This was also his motive for sparing the Master's life, against the protests of his companions and his own better judgment (, To Jenny, a daughter-clone harvested from his cells in "The Doctor's Daughter". While chaos reigns and confusion begins to really settle in, the Tenth Doctor is really starting to feel the effects of his timeline being meddled with somehow, and his emotions begin to take their toll. That tongue-on-the-roof-of-his-mouth thing he does all the time. That's when Maxil shows up and shoots Damon with a staser. The Doctors fumble, then goof around, trying to explain the nature of time. and runs for the TARDIS. The Tenth Doctor skulks about in the corridors in the archives section of Gallifrey. The first of which is a strange man in a Victorian suit. Ten has it pegged down to the decimal. A temporal jump drive of her own. lead they picked up on the Daleks, Sontarans and the Master. The Mechanoids attack. He gets into an argument with Sarah Jane over the irresponsibility of putting a Time Lord at the mercy of modern Earth medicine, but before it can be resolved, Romana steps out, apparently recovered and quite well, a thoroughly embarrassed Grace Holloway behind her. He automatically suspects that something big is on the way. The Supreme Dalek's flagship goes out of control and plummets into Earth's atmosphere, pursued by a Sontaran battlecruiser intent on its destruction. The Fourth Doctor sends Romana off to occupy the companions while the First Doctor tries to start making sense of the situation. A well placed shot cuts off the Sixth Doctor's attempt to find a way to repair the damaged conduit that will restore control to the Dalek ship. The Sontarans, the Daleks, the Movellans and the Rutans engage in a crazed space free-for-all above the Earth, while the Third Doctor coordinates the War Chief and the Fourth, Fifth and Seventh Doctors in a game of misinformation and While the Third Doctor waits in the console room, the Second and a Half Doctor and Glitz head down to the primary engine room of the TARDIS. The Doctor is saddened by this reply, but he did expect it. Mel confronts Glitz about abandoning her on Terminus. Leela wakes up to the face of the 4th Doctor grinning down at her. And so the Doctors begin to go their seperate ways. She uses the unbelievable truth to distract her from the facts. In space over Earth the "battle of 5 armies" continues but numbers are dwindling. Jack and Maxil look on and Maxil decides that enough is enough. The Doctor is an alien Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey who travels through all of time and space in the TARDIS. He discovers that the Fourth Doctor was probably killed in the air ducts and did not escape, and so alters his plan to deal with the Daleks believing that he too will die when the Fourth Doctor's timeline catches up with him. The Tenth Doctor attempts to get a grip with his weird emotional and temporal displacement rushes and gets some assistance from the Fifth Doctor, probably the most empathic of his previous incarnations. One of the Time Daleks suggests removing her head for stronger processing, but Dalek Ahn refuses, destroying another Dalek when it questions his logic. Captain Jack listens in and discovers, thanks to Jamie's explanation and lack of discretion, that Romana is, in This one is notable for the fact that they listen to him, corroborate his boast... Also, "What do monsters have nightmares about?" Doctor Who Expanded is a FANDOM TV Community. He pauses to look at the tactical display and exterior view screen in the Dalek sensor controls section of the ship. (, The Supreme Dalek's design is based on that from, Sarah Jane recognises Tegan and Turlough from, The Rassilon Imprimature was mentioned in, For the First Doctor (with Susan), this occurs before the television story, For the Second Doctor (with Jamie and Zoe), this occurs during the events of, "some curious timeline not fully explained by the TV series. Glitz approaches Drax with some kind of proposal and Nyssa thanks Grace for her help. Nyssa and the Master engage in a bit of cat-and-mouse, until she turns the tables on him. Pulling on his earlobe or rubbing the back of his neck when uncomfortable or embarrassed (usually brought on by Donna). Alpha Centauri also made a cameo in Empress … The Doctor, as a rule, is not fond of them, but this incarnation has a particular loathing for them, one that makes Batman's attitude look positively tolerant. This little moment from "42" is a great example. Doctor Who: 4th Doctor (Tom Baker) 12" Scarf by Elope. The Eighth Doctor is horrified at what has transpired, and the Fourth and Fifth Doctor watch the Daleks march the Time Lords back towards the lab. K9 finds the Fourth and Fifth Doctors and tells them what has happened to the Eighth Doctor, the Tenth Doctor and Leela. Most notable with Donna who did not hesitate to rub it in at any given opportunity. As Romana tries to usher everyone to their safety, she is struck by a Cyberman blaster. The Doctor considered his test tube daughter, Jenny, a mockery of the Time Lord race with no grasp of his culture or what they've lost. Mistaking the Sontarans as surprise allies hoping to gain the lion's share of the glory, the Draconian Ambassador and the Ice Warrior general move to greet them as befits their honour and station. While the Supreme Dalek's ship plummets to the Earth’s surface, out of control, the Sixth Doctor and Maxil argue about the Keeper's plan. The Sixth Doctor has a little chat of his own with Maxil who informs him that he is feeling some remorse and once he has relocated Leela In the meantime they have saved the Earth (and the universe) and garnered a whole bunch more treaties with other races. The Eighth Doctor offers to take Nyssa and Grace back to Terminus as well as drop off the new K9 body the Doctors built for Leela. The Eighth Doctor has discovered something that he believes will convince the President of Gallifrey to take him more seriously. As with previous incarnations of the Doctor, the character has also appeared in other Doctor Who spin-offs.. The Fourth Doctor arrives and immediately begins to take over. But he is suddenly treated to the unexpected sight of the Capital blowing up. Maxil does not recognize the Tenth Doctor, and, assuming he is some archivist, plans to blame him for the death of Damon. Rose promptly mocks them for being (, He was also able to scare the Vashta Nerada (who were previously indifferent/disdainful to him after telling them to look him up in the Library, in ". Skirt through time and space with a Doctor Who skirt. A TARDIS in the shape of a long shed materializes around the companions, then dematerializes, kidnapping them. Duration: 1:21. He's. The Sixth Doctor is using the Dalek's confusion, pretending to be the Keeper who is helping them from Gallifrey. The Seventh Doctor informs the Third Doctor that he received the Fifth Doctor’s TARDIS which he and the Rani are taking to Gallifrey. Dalek Tor informs the High Council that they are instructed to come back to the lab to be converted into Daleks. The Brigadier pushes the Seventh Doctor aside and fires at the lead Dalek's one true vulnerable spot: the eyestalk. He can give her no useful answers, but does tell her that he misses her greatly. The old renegade himself is none too thrilled to see the Doctor again. The Tenth Doctor attempts to comfort the Eighth and briefly reconsiders handing over the data spool. The Keeper seems oddly familiar to him and he cannot place why. She and the First Doctor are the She greets him with a kiss. The Second Doctor finally shows up, nabbing the Lazar's Disease sample from Davros' claw and tossing it to his future self. The Daleks wire all the Doctors into the Neural Distillation unit and Dalek Tor into the receiver end. There they find the main maint shunt valve. The Eighth Doctor says goodbye and the Tenth Doctor struggles with his decision. Meanwhile, back in the Rani's TARDIS, Romana attempts to organize the companions into some kind of resistance Maxil finds Captain Jack sneaking around behind the scenes while Dalek Ahn repairs the machinery that will allow Dalek Tor to complete the absorption of the nine Doctors. With the help of the Monk, the Tenth Doctor makes a shattering discovery. The Ninth Doctor, however, loses it and tries to get the Brigadier to destroy the travesty before them. In 2018, Big Finish brought the Tenth Doctor into their Doctor Chronicles audio series, with Doctor impersonator, Jake Dudman, playing the role while also narrating. He threatens the Doctor (unaware that he, in fact, has two incarnations on board instead of just one). Meanwhile the companions discuss their fate while a K9 sneaks up to the cell door. The Doctor agrees, however, that there is no longer anything he can do about it, and Maxil announces that he will now leave in his TARDIS. The Dalek that was once Andred declares himself the new Time Dalek Emperor. They decide to destroy it. They are met at the airlock by the Garm. The Fifth Doctor and the Master lead the warriors of the Federation on an They enter and join the War Chief and the Third and Fifth Doctors in the communications room. Another Ninth Doctor points out that they had better get out of there before the special protection that allowed the out-of-time Doctors to even be there in the first place drops and traps them in the Death Zone of the past. The Cybermen discuss the logical problem of forcefully determining the identity of the new arrival, who turns out to be the Ninth Doctor. Nyssa, after calming Mel down, takes her on a tour of the facilities on during ", Such moments include losing Rose to a parallel universe, almost being murdered in ". Ace admires Drax's choice of TARDIS exteriors and the Doctor gets cheerfully exasperated by his crew. The scruffy, witty, and somewhat Mulder-ish heartthrob, with great inner fury and wistful melancholy concealed under his easygoing attitude. Turlough is mad, but the Brigadier explains to the Doctor that the impact he has had on all their lives was worth any risk. Dalek Tor then forces them to surrender by threatening Susan and the rest of the Doctor's companions. The Doctors and their companions relax on the Eye of Orion. The President of Gallifrey is converted to a Time Dalek and with the rest of her Dalek-ized council members unable to contact Dalek Ahn, she resumes her position as leader. especially so since they were close friends as children, makes him unhesitatingly willing to grab a gun. The Brigadier organizes the companions aboard the Rani's TARDIS, preparing for a rescue operation. But they have made a critical error. The Fifth Doctor discovers Leela who is undergoing very intense Dalek mental conditioning, but resisting to the last, even at the expense of her own destruction. The Third Doctor, Nyssa, Tegan and Turlough visit with the Federation leaders who inform them that the Sontarans have scattered, though not eliminated. The Ninth Doctor's behaviour concerns the First, who heads off to Gallifrey with the Tenth. Incoming transmission… A message from the Doctor. The Doctor, a Time Lord/Lady from the race whose home planet is Gallifrey, travels through time and space in their ship the T.A.R.D.I.S. For the time being. The Doctor learns that he has been acting as the champion of the Black Guardian. L'undicesimo Dottore incontra il Curatore (Tom Baker) | Il giorno del Dottore | Doctor Who - Duration: 4:10. The Ninth takes him down in Drax's TARDIS and shows him the rebuilt, modified Time/Space Visualizer that the Doctor had abandoned long ago. In so doing she has noticed that he managed to slip back in time using a temporal jump drive. Strange bio-pattern-like energy shoots out from deep within the heart of the Unexpectedly, he meets up with his previous incarnation, the Ninth Doctor, and Rose, who are exploring the Eye of Orion together. exterminating a few to make an example of them. The Ninth Doctor shows up out of nowhere to support him. "Soon the Daleks and the ten Doctors will be one!" But suddenly, there is yet another Doctor standing behind him. Peri, who with the 6th Doctor have decided it is their turn to leave, claps the Tenth Doctor on the shoulder. He charges off to new adventures in the TARDIS. He correctly concludes that they are the Black and White Guardians of Time. However, with the extra speed put in to rescue him, the Fifth Doctor has lost his chance for a soft landing. In "Smith And Jones" Davies gave him the line "Judoon platoon upon the moon" supposedly just to mess with him. The Sixth Doctor tells the Fourth Doctor a little bit of what he has learned and gives him the brush off, instructing him to stay out of the way and not to get himself killed. While K9 releases all the Doctors from their bonds, the Ninth Doctor yanks the Tenth Doctor out of the Dalek casing. Surprised, he drops the spool which lands at the Eighth Doctor's feet. After all the Doctors present identify themselves by number, the Fifth Doctor notices that the Eighth Doctor is missing. $14.99 $7.99. While Brigadier Bambara tries to get some information about the lizardy things in the sewers from Sarah Jane, Romana, Grace, Jamie and Captain Jack, lo and behold, who should appear with all the answers, but Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart. It smashes into the back and drills through the hull. While snooping around the Cybercomplex under the warehouse, Sarah Jane Smith discovers the Rani's TARDIS which opens up and emits black smoke and coughing passengers. Cited are such things as “The Arc of Infinity” from the episode of the same Sabalom Glitz arrives on the Imperial Dalek flagship with a precious cargo for Davros. The Doctors surrender. Finally, Dalek Tor arrives with the First, Second, Second and a Half, Seventh and Ninth The Trope Namer. Doctors 2 and 2.5 and Glitz hightail it out of the Toymaker’s universe as Omega begins to flare up into a massive matter-antimatter exposion and the universe goes– BOOM! The two Doctors and Rose then stumble upon the Seventh Doctor and Ace. That does, however, leave him vulnerable to a booster rocket blast directly into Earth's atmosphere which would leave him in freefall and a very messy impact. After a telling and tense moment, the Supreme Dalek relents. Following the previous multi-Doctor encounter, Jo has no problem quickly accepting that these are all different Doctors. He showed real contempt when the Eleventh Doctor admitted he'd "forgotten" the exact number of incinerated children on Gallifrey. $49.99 $24.99. Nyssa finally gets revenge on the man who killed her father and her whole planet. The Doctors let him go and head off to Gallifrey in the Fourth Doctor's TARDIS that the Sixth Doctor brought with him. He suggests they send an agent to spy on his activities between Eighth and Tenth incarnations to guide the flow of time. In the most horrifying fashions possible. The Time Daleks show up, throwing many of the companions into a panic. Apparently these two have met before. Which is a shock. The Third Doctor asks after the Second Doctor. Add to Cart. On the Eye of Orion, the Doctors discuss the possibilities of what must have caused the temporal The remaining Doctors (Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Eighth and Tenth) watch as the Ninth Doctor's TARDIS dematerializes. While the rest of the gang are saying their goodbyes, the Meddling Monk shows up informing the Tenth Doctor that this is not quite over yet. The TARDIS trunk opens up with Drax and Glitz firing a laser bazooka which all but disintegrates the nearest Dalek. For now. Meanwhile the Fourth and Fifth Doctors are listening in. Unexpectedly, he meets up with his previous incarnation, the Ninth Doctor, and … When they arrive, the Doctor sees a familiar figure, but when he goes to confront Davros, it turns out to be the Tenth Doctor in the early stages of conversion. He first projects Within the series' narrative, the Doctor … The energy begins to discharge through the strained cables. find no fault in it. Rich's ComixBlog - Archive - The Ten Doctors, He also wanted to be a redhead, a ginger to be exact, and was disappointed when he was told he wasn't. The Sixth Doctor watches helplessly as his previous incarnation plummets to his death from high in the Earth's atmosphere. Her children have been reduced to infants and toddlers, their bodies regenerated, their minds pure. The Second Doctor explains to Glitz about future self projections while conjuring up assistance. Terminus. A well placed shot cuts off the Sixth Doctor's attempt to find a way to repair the damaged conduit that will restore control to the Dalek ship. assault on the Daleks, both factions already battling eachother, in space over Earth, 2008. Keeping Dalek Ahn with him to repair the Neurological Distillation unit, Dalek Tor sends all the other Daleks after the Fourth Doctor so that he can be wired in to make a complete set. The Second Doctor, the Second and a Half Doctor, Jamie and Zoe say their goodbyes and leave. While trying to find a way to steer the Dalek ship into the ocean to minimize the damage to the Earth's population, the Doctor notices his fourth self struggling on the surface of the ship. The Brigadier has lead his little ‘unit’ of companions to the lab where they see the Dalek conversions taking place. He disables the navigational circuit before transmatting back to Gallifrey. The Dalek reminds the Doctor of times in his early life when his impulsiveness and lack of discipline got him into serious trouble. The Second Doctor arrives, seemingly already understanding the situation, accompanied by Jamie McCrimmon and Zoe Heriot. The Second and a Half Doctor tries to comfort Omega, but Omega vows to take him to oblivion wth him if his plan fails. The Doctor confronts the Guardians, informing them that the options they gave him are not acceptable. They have microjumped and shot forward a few hours in time. That is, until he decides to do it himself. After a tense moment, they do. They all head off towards the labs while the Rani and both K9s watch from the shadows. he effortlessly snatches his pocketwatch out of the air with one hand. The Seventh Doctor expresses his despair as Dalek Tor prevents the other Dalek from exterminating the Brigadier. The various Doctors begin to head back to their TARDISes with their entourages of companions. The companions discover that they're suddenly inside a TARDIS. The Doctors' wills sync up and become one. Meanwhile, the Renegade Daleks are faced with the same problem. The Second Doctor realizes that they have not actually moved at all through time or space. Romana has found some old staser pistols in a security storage facility and doles them out, unsure as to their state of repair. specifically the incarnation portrayed by John Simm. The Ninth Doctor's TARDIS snaps at the end of the cables, shorting through and blowing out the TARDISes connected to it and causing it to crash to the ground. Only Donna proved saucy enough to stand up to him ("The Fires of Pompeii"). sake of one man, especially for his granddaughter. moved to England from the US. Ace and Rose are dodging and destroying Daleks when they come across a chamber filled with massive Cyberman technology. The surface of Gallifrey is blasted. Meanwhile the Ninth Doctor gets himself caught in a Dalek crossfire. At his worst, the Doctor deemed himself — and. ", "And I suppose, if it's my last chance to say it... Rose Tyler, I—". The Eighth Doctor asks Benton about his career as a used car salesman, it was a cover for when he was doing some secret work with America for UNIT, and Liz finally asks the big question. After a bit more bickering between Rose and Ace, Peri discovers something useful: an internal communication system, that with a bit of tinkering by Romana, will enable her to get in contact with the control room. Drax decides that it is time to leave, taking the Rani, Glitz and Mel with him. The Tenth Doctor, now undergoing Dalek conditioning and hooked into an M5 machine, reports to his new emperor, Dalek Ahn, that the presence of the Eighth Doctor is a problem. Eight is concerned because very little has been going on. Presuming there to only be one REAL Doctor, they decide the Fourth Doctor to be real, the Ninth Doctor to be So, Invokes the Master's catchphrase ("And you will obey me!") It also blasts open part of the hull from which the ship spews out pieces of broken superstructure, pipes, metal tiles, and the Fourth Doctor. The Tenth Doctor's mind tries to reach back, but the conditioning is strong. Step into the Tardis with a sleek Doctor Who dress. The Tenth Doctor is alone on the Eye of Orion. The secret weapon, however, turns out to be a Glitter Gun, a weapon designed to blast clouds of gold dust, an excellent weapon against the Cybermen who have a violent reaction to it as it clogs their breathing apparati. Lampshaded in "The Day of the Doctor" by the War and Eleventh Doctors, after the Tenth Doctor's impromptu wedding to Elizabeth I ends with her attempting to snog the Tenth Doctor's face, In contrast to the Ninth Doctor, who's cynical, moody and weary attitude would often work to hide his strong inner optimism and idealism, Ten's rather pleasant, enthusiastic surface and love of life concealed his inner wrath and capacity for ruthlessness.

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