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Tussen 12 december 2016 en 1 juni 2018 was hij premier van Italië.Daarvoor was hij minister van Buitenlandse Zaken in het kabinet van Matteo Renzi.Tussen 2006 en 2008 was Gentiloni minister van Communicatie. "Il Mes non spaventi". Paolo Gentiloni: “I debiti non si cancellano”. Le nuove stime Ue circa il crollo del Pil in Italia nel 2020 sono ancora una volta impietose. [31] The reform provided, between other things, the reduction of advertising. Paolo Gentiloni: "Sul Recovery Fund avanti anche senza Polonia e Ungheria" Il commissario europeo: "Non ci arrenderemo al veto, preoccupato ma fiducioso sull'intesa" [158], Gentiloni is considered by many journalists, politicians and commentators a skilled political mediator and well-wisher of a collective leadership, based on consociationalism and power-sharing, very different from the overflowing political style of his predecessor and party mate, Matteo Renzi. In the election the centre-right alliance, in which Matteo Salvini's League emerged as the main political force, won a plurality of seats in the Chamber of Deputies and in the Senate, while the anti-establishment Five Star Movement led by Luigi Di Maio became the party with the largest number of votes and the centre-left coalition, led by Renzi, came third. [57] Such arrangements were relatively common in deadlocked elections starting in the late 1950s until 1966, when the Security Council was enlarged. In this legislature he was a member of the Committee regarding Transport and Telecommunications. Crollo del Partito democratico. [119] On 28 November he moved to Ivory Coast to participate at the EU–African Union summit. [17][18][19][20], During the 1970s, Paolo Gentiloni was a member of the Student Movement (Movimento Studentesco), an extreme left-wing youth organization led by Mario Capanna;[21] when Capanna founded the Proletarian Democracy party, Gentiloni did not follow him, and joined the Workers' Movement for Socialism, a far-left Maoist group, of which he became the regional secretary for Lazio. [27], In the 2001 general election, Gentiloni was elected as a Member of Parliament and started his national political career. [32] However, in 2007, the government suffered a crisis and lost its majority, so the reform had never been approved.[33]. Paolo Gentiloni's answers to the European Parliament questionnaire (301.7 KB - PDF) Download PDF - 301.7 KB. Sul M5S: "Surreale un governo ombra ora, "Elezioni politiche: vincono M5s e Lega. Gentiloni", "Gentiloni giura al Quirinale, è il nuovo ministro degli Esteri: "Governo dev'essere all'altezza, "Italy "ready to fight" in Libya if needed - foreign minister", "Terrorismo, radio dello Stato islamico cita Gentiloni: "Ministro dell'Italia crociata, "ISIS claims responsibility for bomb attack against Italian consulate in Cairo", "Islamic State 'behind blast' at Italian consulate in Cairo", "1 dead in car bomb blast at Italian Consulate in Egypt", "Italy not 'intimidated' by Cairo consulate attack: Foreign Minister Paolo Gentiloni", "Heads of rival Libyan parliaments meet in Malta, seek more time for unity government", Italy Says Against Paying Ransom for Hostages, "Italian student found dead in Cairo 'killed by violent blow to the head, "Italy Summons Egyptian Ambassador Over Death of Student in Cairo", "Cambridge University student Giulio Regeni 'was tortured and suffered burns' in Egypt, claim reports", "Italian student who went missing in Cairo found battered and dead", "Suspicion falls on Egypt's security forces after the violent death of a young Italian", "Egypt: Italian's killers may have had criminal or revenge motive", "Egypt: Egypt president suggests his political enemies murdered Italian student", "Italy, Netherlands propose split U.N. Security Council seat for 2017-18", "L'ascesa di Paolo Gentiloni, dalla Margherita alla Farnesina", "Il governo Gentiloni ha giurato, ministri confermati tranne Giannini. View the profiles of people named Chiara Gentiloni. [22], Gentiloni slowly abandoned far-left ideals, sharing more moderate views and becoming particularly involved in green politics and ecologism. [29] He was reelected in the 2006 election as a member of The Olive Tree, the political coalition led by the Bolognese economist Romano Prodi. [10], Gentiloni's foreign policy was characterized by a strong Europeanist stance; he also built up a series of close relations with the Arab countries of the Persian Gulf, started an investments' policy toward Africa and normalized Italian relations with India after years of tensions. "Supereremo veti sul Recovery" Paolo Gentiloni a Mezz’ora in più: “Italia semplifichi procedure per spendere i fondi europei”. [91] This electoral law was similar to the one which was applied in Italy from 1993 to 2005. Presentate dal commissario Ue per l'Economia, Paolo Gentiloni, le nuove previsioni circa l'impatto del covid sull'economia in Italia e nell'Ue. [74], In March 2017 the government abolished the use of labour vouchers, bonds of the redeemable transaction type which are worth a certain monetary value and which may be spent only for specific reasons or on specific goods, commonly one-off labour services. [62] On the following day the government also won a confidence vote in the Senate of the Republic, with 169 votes for and 99 against.[63]. "Il Mes non spaventi". Sono alcune delle priorità indicate dal commissario europeo all’Economia Paolo Gentiloni. "[146] Three days later, on 1 December, he started his new political office within the European Commission. [130][131], On 28 June 2018, during an interview to Lilli Gruber's Otto e mezzo, Gentiloni announced his intention to contribute the formation of a broad centre-left coalition, which was seen by many as an intention to run as next Prime Minister candidate for the centre-left. Titolo e sottotitolo mi sembrano piuttosto espliciti. Paolo Gentiloni has reluctantly become the new Italian prime minister after Matteo Renzi stepped down following referendum defeat last week. Collegio Roma Centro al voto in primavera, XVIII Legislatura – Deputati e Organi – Scheda deputato: Gentiloni Silveri Paolo, Gentiloni va in Ue e si dimette da deputato, l’ultimo saluto alla Camera: “Sarò patriota”, France’s freewheeling Thierry Breton rises to the crisis, "Paolo Gentiloni e il futuro dei cattolici in politica", "Unioni civili, pressing su Renzi, ma governo va avanti. A few days later, on 11 December 2016, Gentiloni was asked by President Mattarella to form a new government. [114] Gentiloni was the first Italian leader to visit India since Romano Prodi in 2007; Gentiloni and Modi described the visit as a "new beginning" and a great opportunity for both countries. "[109], On 16 and 17 May, Paolo Gentiloni went to Sochi, where he met Russian President Vladimir Putin. [106] Gentiloni visited the United Arab Emirates twice; the first one in November 2017 and the second one in March 2018, when he met in Abu Dhabi the crown prince Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan. [108] Gentiloni stated that "Italy can be a key protagonist in this great operation: it is a great opportunity for us and my presence here means how much we consider it important. I am an Italian man in love with Italy, I am a patriot and I will try to make it clear that the best way to protect the national interest is to do so in the European dimension. Il 29 aprile 2010 è mancata all'affetto dei suoi cari la N.D. Chiara Gentiloni Silveri Fiore Affranti ne danno il triste annuncio il marito Mauro e l'adorato figlio Enrico con Chicca. [98] During his premiership, Gentiloni faced several challenging foreign policy situations, such as the European debt crisis, the civil war in Libya, the insurgency of the Islamic State (IS) in the Middle East. Passato tra la sinistra stalinista. [152][153], While traditionally supporting the social integration of immigrants, since 2017 Paolo Gentiloni has adopted a more critical approach on the issue. 51.3k Followers, 68 Following, 941 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Paolo Gentiloni (@paologentiloni) [25] Rutelli was reelected in 1997, with 985,000 popular votes, the highest share in the history of the City. affluenza a 1milione e 800mila, meglio del 2017, "Chi è Paolo Gentiloni, nuovo ministro degli esteri", "Riforma tv, via libera al decreto Gentiloni", "Paolo Gentiloni, Italy's foreign minister, is picked to become the country's emergency prime minister", "Gentiloni, i punti di forza del suo modo di governare", "Italy is facing a surge of migration across the Mediterranean", "Gentiloni in visita in India, chiuso il caso dei due marò", "GENTILONI, Vincenzo Ottorino in "Dizionario Biografico, "Quel ministro rutelliano che era renziano prima ancora del premier", "La scalata del conte Gentiloni da figlioccio di Rutelli agli Esteri", "Gentiloni, premier 'verde' con il pallino delle Comunicazioni", "Italian Prime Minister Gentiloni on US-Italy relationship", "Italy's Foreign Minister on the refugee crisis - Newsnight", "Migrant Crisis: Italian FM Paolo Gentiloni - BBC HARDtalk", "Gentiloni, Mario Capanna: "Negli anni 70 Paolo era con noi ma neanche mi accorsi di lui, "Paolo Gentiloni - Ultime notizie su Paolo Gentiloni - Argomenti del Sole 24 Ore", "Gentiloni torna alle origini e rilancia l'ambientalismo", "Da Gentiloni a Giachetti è l' ora dei Rutelli-boys", "Chi è Paolo Gentiloni, il nuovo Presidente del Consiglio", "I sindaci di Roma dal dopoguerra a oggi", "LA REPUBBLICA 15 MAGGIO 2001 ELEZIONI POLITICHE VINCE BERLUSCONI ALTAN AUSTRALIA - eBay", "Italy PM picks Paolo Gentiloni as new foreign minister in surprise choice", Italy’s Prime Minister Names Paolo Gentiloni as Foreign Minister, "Legge Gasparri, la Ue avvia la procedura d'infrazione", "Riforma televisiva: le linee guida di Gentiloni", "Il "ddl Gentiloni" di riforma della Rai (1588/2007)", "Governo, dopo Matteo l'incendiario il pompiere Gentiloni. [129], After the end of his premiership, Gentiloni often expressed his skeptical views toward the new government. [42], On 11 July 2015, a car bomb exploded outside the Italian consulate in the Egyptian capital Cairo, resulting in at least one death and four people injured; the Islamic State claimed responsibility. He also had a meeting with the Italian community in Tunis. [48], Another high-profile case was the murder of Giulio Regeni, an Italian Cambridge University graduate student killed in Cairo following his abduction on January 25, 2016;[49] He was a Ph.D. student researching Egypt's independent trade unions. Solo due sono ex premier, il lettone Valdis Dombrovskis e l’italiano Paolo Gentiloni. The two leaders stressed their hope for a loosening of international sanctions against Russia and for a re-opening of a dialogue between Russia and NATO. [121] Gentiloni remained in office, with all his powers, until a new cabinet is formed. Mezzogiorno e ceti medi impoveriti: nella sua dichiarazione programmatica – asciutta ma ambiziosa, non certo le parole del capo di un governo “elettorale” ma quelle di un premier con un solido mandato del Quirinale – è stato soprattutto su queste due priorità che il presidente Paolo Gentiloni ha dato motivo di sperare che il disagio sociale espressosi domenica con la bocciatura della riforma Boschi possa trovare ascolto nel nuovo esecutivo e garantire la necessaria discontinuità rispetto a una stagione politica sonoramente bocciata dalle urne. India to host Italian PM Paolo Gentiloni, first in a decade 14 Oct, 2017, 08.25 AM IST. [123][124] Renzi had always denied these proposals stating that the electoral law did not require to appoint a candidate for Prime Minister and that he was elected secretary of the party with almost 70% of votes, thus due to the party's statute the candidate was him.[125][126]. [61], On 13 December his cabinet won a confidence vote in the Chamber of Deputies, with 368 votes for and 105 against, while the deputies of the Five Star Movement and the Lega Nord left the chamber. During the early 1970s he attended the Classical Lyceum Torquato Tasso in Rome;[15] he graduated in political sciences at the Sapienza University of Rome. On 2 February 2017, Gentiloni reached a deal in Rome with Libyan Chairman of the Presidential Council Fayez al-Sarraj on halting migration. [148], Paolo Gentiloni is widely considered a Christian leftist and progressive politician. Ue, Paolo Gentiloni bacchetta l'Italia: "La Manovra è senza coperture" L'Italia è sotto stretta osservazione dall'Europa per la Manovra. On February 7, Foreign Policy at Brookings hosted former Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni for an Alan and Jane Batkin International Leaders Forum.Gentiloni served as … [28] From 2005 until 2006, he was Chairman of the Broadcasting Services Watchdog Committee; the committee oversees the activity of state broadcaster RAI, which is publicly funded. Lo ha ribadito il commissario europeo all'Economia Paolo Gentiloni al Financial Times. On February 7, Foreign Policy at Brookings hosted former Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni for an Alan and Jane Batkin International Leaders Forum.Gentiloni served as … Chi è Paolo Gentiloni, la biografia e il curriculum del politico italiano. [141] On 10 September, von der Leyen proposed Gentiloni as new Commissioner for Economy. [71] The law also provided the refusal of end-of-life cares. During his visit he participated in the signing ceremony of a commercial agreements between Eni and Abu Dhabi National Oil Company. As Prime Minister, he hosted the 43rd G7 summit in Taormina, Sicily. Paolo Gentiloni's team supports him in his daily work. Il comitato del neosegretario: "Siamo oltre il 67%. In the 2016 United Nations Security Council election, Gentiloni and his Dutch counterpart Bert Koenders agreed on splitting a two-year term on the United Nations Security Council after the United Nations General Assembly was deadlocked on whether to choose Italy or the Netherlands following five rounds of voting for the last remaining 2017–18 seat. Gentiloni was a professional journalist before entering politics. Il Pd spinge sul Rosatellum, ma i numeri in Senato restano incerti", "Legge elettorale, cosa prevede il 'Rosatellum, "Arriva il "Rosatellum", Renzi: a giugno la nuova legge elettorale", "Rosatellum 2.0, tutti i rischi del nuovo Patto del Nazareno", "Il patto a quattro Pd-Ap-Lega-Fi regge. [76] Gentiloni stated that he decided to abolish them, because he did not want to split the country in another referendum, after the December 2016 constitutional one. Tags: progetti stop. [149] Despite having started his political career within the extra-parliamentary far-left movements, Gentiloni later assumed more Christian democratic and social liberal views. Join Facebook to connect with Chiara Gentiloni and others you may know. [157] In August Lerner, who was among the founding members of the Democratic Party, left the party altogether, due to government's new immigration policies. Mia nonna Andreina quando ero piccola mi diceva: “Lo … continua a leggere →, Ho scritto questo per i giornali locali del gruppo l’Espresso, Relazioni internazionali. [155][156] These policies resulted in broad criticism from the left-wing Democrats and Progressives, PD's partners in the cabinet which later left the government's majority, as well as left-leaning intellectuals like Roberto Saviano and Gad Lerner. [86], In December 2017, the Gentiloni announced the peacekeeping mission which consists in the sending of 450 soldiers in Niger, to help the local forces in the fight against migrants' traffickers and Islamic terrorism. Latest. Premier a parte, avrebbe potuto essere la squadra post vittoria del Sì, è stato osservato: ed è vero. La Classifica dei Leader", "Gentiloni sempre n.1 in sondaggio Ixé su fiducia leader, ma Di Maio...", "L'Italia di Gentiloni e quella di Salvini: lo strano derby del gradimento", "Italian PM Gentiloni's heart procedure completely successful: doctors", "Italy's New Prime Minister in Intensive Care After Emergency Heart Procedure", "Gentiloni : "Grazie dell'affetto, sto bene e presto torno al lavoro, Official page at the Italian Chamber of Deputies, Minister of Regional Affairs and Autonomies, Minister of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies, Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats,, Democracy is Freedom – The Daisy politicians, Articles with Italian-language sources (it), Wikipedia articles with WORLDCATID identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 14 December 2020, at 13:56. Il premier Paolo Gentiloni ha incontrato la sindaca Chiara Appendino in occasione della sua visita a Torino. No accordicchi, governo di svolta, "Conte wins crucial support for new Italian govt coalition", "Il Presidente Mattarella ha conferito l'incarico al Prof. Conte di formare il Governo", "Il giorno di Gentiloni, i ruoli Ue in mano al Partito democratico", Ue, Gentiloni lascia scranno Camera. Quest articol chì l'è scrivuu in lombard, grafia milanesa. Twitter. [83], Among other things, the code forbids NGO vessels entering Libyan territorial waters. ADVERTISEMENT . Paolo Gentiloni, commissario dell’Unione Europea agli Affari economici – Gentiloni was his predecessor's foreign secretary and accepted his new post "with reserve" after meeting president Sergio Mattarella on Sunday (11 December). On 6 April 2013 he ran in the primary election to select the center-left candidate for Mayor of Rome, placing third, with 14% of votes, after Ignazio Marino (51%), who became Mayor, and the journalist David Sassoli, who gained 28%. He especially attacked the new Interior Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini, condemning his far-right policies regarding immigration, Romani people, right of self-defense and gun laws. [80] On 9 February, Gentiloni signed a similar deal with President of Tunisia Beji Caid Essebsi, to prevent the migration across the Mediterranean. Paolo Gentiloni (Rome, 22 november 1954) is een Italiaans sociaaldemocratisch politicus. The EU may need a further €1 trillion to overcome the economic fallout from the coronavirus crisis on top of emergency finance mechanisms already floated, said Paolo Gentiloni, European commissioner for economic and financial affairs. [99], In April 2017, he was invited to the White House by President Trump, where the two leaders discussed the serious crisis caused by the civil wars in Libya and Syria, the tensions with Vladimir Putin's Russia and their key partnership against the Islamic terrorism.[100][101]. With this law, living will has become legal in Italy. Team. Così il commissario Ue Paolo Gentiloni. Su un’operazione che non capisco, o forse capisco troppo. Gentiloni’s visit is an attempt by Italy, a G-7 member state, and India to put ties back on track, according to people familiar with the matter. [85] The German NGO, Sea Watch, said that the code was "largely illegal" and "will not save lives but will have the opposite effect". [43][44][45] On the same day Gentiloni stated that "Italy will not be intimidated" and would continue the fight against terrorism. [16], In 1989 he married Emanuela Mauro, an architect; they have no children. [117] On 26 November he moved to Angola, where he had a bilateral meeting with President João Lourenço; the two leaders signed many economic deals between Eni and the Angolan Sonangol Group. [47], As Foreign Minister, Gentiloni had to confront various abductions of Italian citizens. [102] It was the first time since 1987 that the G7 summit in Italy was not hosted by Silvio Berlusconi. FILE PHOTO: European Commissioner for Economy Paolo Gentiloni attends a media conference to present the Commission opinions on the draft budgetary … [75] The government decided to promote this law after a referendum that was called by Italy's main trade union CGIL. [92], The Rosatellum used an additional member system, which act as a mixed system, with 37% of seats allocated using a first past the post electoral system, 61% using a proportional method, with one round of voting and 2% elected in the overseas constituencies. [132] While in October 2018, he endorsed Nicola Zingaretti in the PD's leadership election scheduled in March 2019. Conosci Paolo Gentiloni, il nuovo Presidente del Consiglio italiano? Esso si è aggravato a causa dell’emergenza Covid-19 e a pagarne le conseguenze sono le fasce della popolazione più deboli. This however would be the first time in over five decades that two members agreed to split a term; intractable deadlocks have instead usually been resolved by the candidate countries withdrawing in favor of a third member state. Chiara Ferrara - 22 Novembre 2020 ULTIMO AGGIORNAMENTO 15:06. [79], A major problem faced by Gentiloni upon becoming Prime Minister in 2016 was the high levels of illegal immigration to Italy. [77], In March 2018, the unemployment rate was around 11%, lower than the previous years, and the percentage of unemployed young people was the lowest since 2011, at 31.7%. [138] The party also accepted that Conte may continue at the head of a new government,[139] and on 29 August President Sergio Mattarella formally invested Conte to do so. Il veto di Ungheria e Polonia va superato, bisogna andare avanti con il recovery plan … [7], Despite being considered a caretaker Prime Minister at the beginning of his term,[8] during his year and a half tenure, Gentiloni promoted the implementation and the approval of several reforms like the advance healthcare directive and a new electoral law. Sinds 1 december 2019 is hij namens Italië Europees Commissaris. Paolo gentiloni chiara gentiloni. Lo vuole il Colle", "Elezioni, Prodi sceglie Insieme e investe Gentiloni: "Con lui Paese è più forte, "Renzi: "Schiero la squadra migliore: Gentiloni e tutti i ministri nei collegi, "Gentiloni a Renzi: "Il Pd ha tanti candidati premier". [133][134] Zingaretti won the primary election by a landslide and Gentiloni was appointed new party's president. "India, il premier Modi riceve Gentiloni: "Ma perché l'Italia blocca gli Hare Krishna? [35][36] After the defeat in the primary election, many political commentators believed that Gentiloni's career as a prominent member of the centre-left was over. Laura Kayali, Paola Tamma and Hans von der Burchard (April 9, 2020), High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, presidency of the Council of the European Union, 2016 United Nations Security Council election, List of official trips made by Paolo Gentiloni, EP's Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs, "Chi è Emanuela Mauro, la moglie di Paolo Gentiloni", "Gentiloni at EC economic affairs - sources - English", "Camera dei Deputati- Paolo Gentiloni Silveri", "Governo, Gentiloni accetta l'incarico di governo: "Un grande onore, "Primarie Pd, vince Zingaretti. [151] He also supports the advance healthcare directive. Es el mensajero que hace las cuentas, traza las previsiones y lanza su diagnóstico. [160], According to public opinion surveys in December 2017, after one year of government, Gentiloni's approval rating was 44%, the second highest rating after that of President Sergio Mattarella, and far higher than the other prominent politicians; moreover his approval rating has increased since he came into office. "La clausola generale di salvaguardia rimarrà in vigore per tutto il 2021. Facing growing public discontent and scrutiny by the Italian, Libyan, and EU authorities, MSF had to suspend its activities in the Mediterranean sea. E non è lui il problema del Pd, Perché me la prendo coi puntacazzisti (con rispetto parlando), Quegli strani calendiani. Some NGOs refused to sign the new code of conduct; Médecins Sans Frontières was the first charity to officially announce its 'no' to the code, saying that there were no conditions under which to sign. Le esequie avranno luogo lunedì 3 maggio alle ore 10 nella chiesa di Santa Maria degli Angeli in P.zza della Repubblica. [41], In March 2015 Gentiloni visited Mexico and Cuba and met Cuban President Raúl Castro, ensuring the Italian support for the normalization of relations between Cuba and the United States. [147], In early March 2020, Gentiloni was appointed by President von der Leyen to serve on the Commission's special task force to coordinate the European Union's response to the 2020 coronavirus pandemic, which severely affected Europe. In his electoral constituency in the city centre of Rome, Gentiloni won with 42.06% of votes against the centre-right candidate Luciano Ciocchetti (30.85%) and the Five Star, Agiolino Cirulli, who gained 16.73%. The Senate and the Chamber of Deputies did not differ in the way they allocated the proportional seats, both using the D'Hondt method of allocating seats. Paolo GENTILONI, commissario europeo all'Economia Unione Europea. [26], Gentiloni held his office until January 2001, when Rutelli resigned to become the centre-left candidate to the premiership in the 2001 general election. [60] Meanwhile, the centrist Liberal Popular Alliance (ALA), led by Denis Verdini, did not support the new cabinet because no member of the ALA was appointed as a minister. Sezione dedicata alle attività di Paolo Gentiloni, Ministro degli Affari Esteri e della Cooperazione Internazionale dal 1 novembre 2014 al 10 dicembre 2016 Moreover, Gentiloni was not known as a specialist in international diplomacy. [95], Despite many protests from the Five Star Movement and the Democratic and Progressive Movement, which accused Renzi and Gentiloni to have used the confidence vote in order to approve the law,[96] on 12 October the electoral law was approved by the Chamber of Deputies with 375 votes in favor and 215 against. Minniti: "Chi non sottoscrive regolamento è fuori, "MSF and Sea-Eye Suspend Migrant Rescues In Mediterranean Over Security Fears", "Italy's 'code of conduct' for NGOs refused by 6/8 charities", "Il governo manderà soldati italiani in Niger", "Italy PM plans to shift military forces from Iraq to Niger", "Legge elettorale, il 5 giugno in aula.

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